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Tilt garage doors Melbourne

Is a Tilt Garage Door the Right Option for You?

The choice of garage door for your home, can give a bold impression to your property. You can’t go past Garage Door Solutions when choosing the right door for your garage.

Tilt Garage Doors are a sensible and economical choice of garage doors. Garage Door Solutions have a wide selection of Tilt Garage Doors in Melbourne, to enhance any exteriors while giving your garage the security it needs.

Why choose a tilt garage door?

  • Adding an architectural value by blending seamlessly with the rest of the external facade.
  • Accentuating the overall look of your property.
  • Because this type of garage door swings in front as it opens, it requires very low headroom.
  • Can be fitted to a garage spaces of any size.

Match style with functionality

As the name suggests, this type of garage door tilts outwards, swinging upwards as it operates from closed to open position. Since the tilting movement is upwards, these door types are just right for garage spaces with limited headroom. Stylish yet functional, the Tilt Garage Doors in Melbourne come in a variety of finishes.

A tilt garage door offers ease of operation by being remote controlled. A tilt garage door that is manually operated and one which was not previously controlled by a remote, can be fitted with the hardware to enable it to be remote controlled.

A single panel build tilt garage door, can be installed using two types of hardware:

  • Jamb-Type Hardware. The installation of this type of hardware is the most economical, cost effective and simple way of operating a tilt garage door with a headroom of as little as 25 mm. With this type of hardware, the tilt door will protrude outside the vertical line of the garage opening when in the open position.
  • Track-Type Hardware. The installation of this hardware helps the tilt garage door to retract completely into the garage in the open position and needs about 50 mm headroom. This type of installation is suitable if you are looking for a plush and seamless look even when your garage door is open.

As well as being suitable for the residential garage, the tilt garage doors are also an ideal choice for any commercial property with an underground car park.

If you are looking for Tilt garage doors in Melbourne, please contact us at Garage Door Solutions.

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