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Panel lift garage doors Mornington

Why are Panel Lift Garage Doors a Favourite

Your renovated home is only complete when it comes with a fitting exterior to reflect the class and style of its owners. Your existing and tired garage door will defintitly need replacing with an eye catching solution. Panel Lift Garage Doors Mornington are fast replacing other types of garage doors.

Benefits of installing Panel lift garage doors:

  • These are available in timber and steel giving you a choice of finish
  • They are ideal for lifting your exteriors with a new look, and come in a choice of colours
  • A panel lift garage door offers the security that you need, while enhancing the look of your garage
  • You can automate your garage door with the latest range of remote controls

The panel specifications

A Panel lift garage door is also known as a sectional garage door. These doors are made of sections or panels that are hinged. In the closed position they are capable of completely flushing with the immediate exterior. Depending on your façade, you can place claddings on them and the surrounding areas for a seamless look instead of that of a garage look.

Panel Lift Garage Doors in Mornington is an ideal solution for almost any type and size of garage. In particular, if you have a problem with headroom, this particular garage door is the right solution. The entire opening and closing operation is on the tracks that are fixed on the sides and move up horizontally on the roof where the panels move up.

The durability factors:

  • The hinged panels are extruded back on roller tracks that are fixed on the roof moving the door completely out of sight when in the open position.
  • Hardware used for the roller tracks are high-quality steel that ensure durability and a general maintenance ensures years of faultless service.
  • Panel lift garage doors coming from the leading brands are compatible with most garage motors and parts to facilitate operations.
  • These garage doors can also be insulated in case you have preferences for it.

Garage Door Solutions is a leading seller of the renowned B & D brand of Panel Lift Garage Doors in Mornington. At Garage Door Solutions, you will be sure to get the assistance you need to ensure you achieve the colour and finish you are after. Having been in the business for almost three decades, we can advise you on all your garage door requirements.

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