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Making a Warranty Claim

If you think there is a problem with your garage door or opener within the warranty period, your feedback will enable us to notify the manufacturer, change our installation practices if necessary, and most importantly, ensure the product works safely and reliably for you. So if you think there’s a problem, we welcome you to Contact us, rather than risking a more serious problem in the future.

Warranty Claim Checklist

Making a claim under warranty is simple. Before making your claim, we ask that you…

  • Do not operate your door or attempt adjustments if you believe it may be unsafe. No matter how important it might be to open or close the door, using an unsafe door can result in serious damage, personal injury or death.
  • Make sure that you have been using the product according to the instructions provided, so that if a fault does occur, you can be confident that you’re not at fault. Misuse and abuse are not covered under any warranty. But we can still help you.
  • Confirm that you have maintained the product correctly. Maintenance is the owner’s responsibility and is not covered by any warranty, but is available from us at a fair price (click here for advice on repairs and maintenance).
    We recommend that all garage doors and openers be professionally serviced every 3,000 cycles (one cycle is one complete open and close). This can be a few months for some home-owners or several years for others, depending on how often you use your door.
  • Locate proof of purchase, such as your invoice, to confirm that Garage Door Solutions (Vic), or Garage Door & Gate Solutions as we used to be called, supplied the goods, and when. We’re happy to perform service work at a fair price to B&D doors and openers supplied by other dealers, however we cannot honour warranties supplied by other dealers.
  • Time and sometimes cycles is the essence of all warranties. Check the documents supplied at the time of purchase to ensure that your claim falls within the warranty period.
    Time based door warranty begins on the first day of installation and expires a pre-determined and stated period of time after that. This could for example be one or two years on certain products, 3, 5, or 7 years on other products, and 10 years on our on-site installation labour.
    Door opener warranty is also related to cycles (one cycle being one full open and close). For example the warranty on an opener with a 7 year/20,000 cycle warranty will expire when either 7 years or 20,000 cycles is reached, whichever comes first (similar to a car warranty). Once again, the installation labour on any new opener supplied and installed by us is covered by 10 years, no matter how many cycles the opener has performed.
  • Remember that warranties change from time to time. The warranty on your previous purchase might be shorter or longer than today’s warranty. Contact us if unsure.
    Generally more premium products include longer warranties than budget products. Whatever the product warranty, all new doors and new openers we install include our unique 10 Year Installation Labour Warranty.
    If the warranty has expired, don’t worry. We support every door and opener we supply and install until the end of its life. Outside the warranty period, repairs and maintenance are chargeable.
  • Define the problem as best you can, so that it can be clearly articulated when you Contact us. We will ask you a few questions or we may ask you to send us some photos to help us understand the course of action required to fix the problem.

Contact us to make a claim under warranty, if you’re unsure of whether you’re covered, or to arrange a service call

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