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An Average Door Installed Well is Better than a Good Door Installed Poorly

When it comes to installation, we know there are wider variations in installation quality, than in any other part of the door. Ours is unfortunately an unregulated trade, not demanding licencing or apprenticeship based training. Doors arrive to us from B&D in hundreds of parts. Installation is the final and we think, the most important part of the job.
Your best insurance against faulty workmanship and a bad investment, regardless of the door brand purchased, is to look for a sizeable experienced supplier with a good reputation, to ask questions and allow your intuition to guide you when the supplier measures and quotes or when you visit their showroom.
The cheapest quote will usually be for the lowest quality door or the lowest quality installation (or both), all too often with a hidden financial risk.

Push the Button and it Works Every Time

Great planning and installation is the foundation of a long lasting, safe and secure garage door. The ideal combination of a competitively priced B&D garage door and expert installation by Garage Door Solutions (Vic), backed by our 10 Year Installation Labour Warranty, will give you peace of mind and time to enjoy other important things in life. Contact us today to get the ball rolling on your new garage door.

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