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Running late? Automatic door. Cold, wet morning? Automatic door. Finally home after a long, tiring drive? Ahh… automatic door. It’s hard to imagine how we got by without them.
Thankfully, with B&D’s smart, safe, secure and reliable garage door openers, you won’t have to.

Our World Class B&D Controll-A- Door Openers...

  • Can be fitted to new garage doors, or retro-fitted to many older doors, so you can combine vintage charm or contemporary style with the convenience, reliability, safety, security, and quiet operation of modern technology.
  • Hold the door closed, so there’s no need to lock up after you – one touch of the keyring remote and you’re done.
  • Can operate the optional B&D Auto-lock wireless electric door lock. The B&D Auto-lock is terrific for homes demanding the highest available garage door security.
  • Stop motion if the door meets an obstruction, to minimize or prevent harm from coming to you or your property.
  • Can be fitted with a wireless safety beam as an additional non-contact safety feature. This device throws an invisible beam across the opening. If the beam is interrupted while the door is closing, the door stops moving immediately, before any physical contact is made. A great idea for owners of expensive cars, for children and for homes with pets. We recommend safety beams be installed on all automatic garage doors.
  • Matches perfectly to all new B&D garage doors. No arguments between door and opener manufacturers if a warranty claim arises. More important than you might realize.
  • Can be operated with your Smartphone by purchasing the optional Smartphone Control Kit, and downloading the free App. Never wonder whether you’ve left your door open again. Check whether your door is open or closed and operate it from almost anywhere in the world.

Enjoy the whisper quiet convenience, safety, security and reliability of a brand new B&D Controll-A-Door opener today. They are always in stock and can usually be installed in a few days. We’ll guide you to ensure you get exactly the right model and accessories you need. Visit either of our showrooms at Braeside or Berwick to see the full range or Contact us today.

A Few Words about Power Points

Although your door opener can be plugged in using an extension cord, it’s safer, neater and more convenient in the long run if you have a power point installed close to your door opener. If you don’t already have a power point in the right place for your door opener, we can organize an electrician to install one for you at additional cost.

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