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B&D Roll-A-Door

B&D invented the Roll-A-Door over 60 years ago right here in Australia. These are steel garage doors that open vertically and roll up into a bundle above the door opening, similar to a window blind.

B&D Roll-A-Door features

  • The only rolling garage door produced on break presses in three Australian states. This process produces a consistently flat corrugated curtain, unlike often wavy curtains on cheaper roll-formed roller doors. Break pressed B&D Roll-A-Doors do not suffer ugly paint scuffing often seen on roll-formed roller doors.
  • Available in two unique profiles, each in two thicknesses. Corrugation depth and thickness corresponds with the size of the door opening, the wind loads and security needs of the customer. Lots of choices to find the perfect door for you.
  • Unique torsion spring combinations to suit every door size made. More spring choices than the competition means a better balanced door. Easier to lift by a person or electric door opener, both which last longer when the door is balanced better.
  • Rolled up door headroom varies from 430mm to 600mm, depending on profile and thickness. If there is not enough headroom to hide the door roll, the roll can hang into the opening, given adequate clearance under the opened roll for the user.
  • Made to measure widths in 5mm increments at no extra cost, for a perfect fit. Heights up to 5.1m, and widths from 800mm to 5.4m; wider when used in pairs with a removable aluminium centre mullion (post).
  • Many lock options, and where needed, chain lifting systems. Electric openers to suit every size and every application.
  • Perfect for free standing, out in the open installations, such as fence-lines. More space efficient than any gate. There’s also a weatherproof electric opener for these situations.
  • Very neat appearance from inside the garage. No overhead tracks or door opener hanging from the ceiling. No obstruction of garage lighting or ceiling manholes. Everything at the front of the garage. Ideal for garages using ceiling and wall space for storage or cupboards.
  • Available in ‘Zincalume', an unpainted silver colour, and about 20 pre-painted Colorbond colours, as well as realistic timber and metallic colours.

B&D Panelift and Panelift Icon

B&D Panelift doors are usually made up of 4 or 5 horizontal panels that are hinged together from inside. dival doors open vertically with each panel turning 90° as the door goes up to eventually lie horizontal under the ceiling when open.

B&D Panelift and Panelift Icon features

  • Available in a huge variety of models, materials and styles, including 7 traditional and contemporary profiles, over 20 Colorbond colours, over 10 realistic timber colours, and 15 metallic colours. Plus lots of window options to choose from.
  • Insulation option for a clean internal appearance and great for keeping the noise and heat in or out.
  • Recessed and hidden low maintenance hinges make for a very clean internal appearance.
  • Made to measure in 5mm increments for a perfect fit, and economically mass produced in long lasting 0.6mm thick steel. We also work with home owners, builders, designers and architects to produce bespoke designs on request.
  • Suit openings from as small as 1.8m high x 1.8m wide all the way up to almost 4.0m high x 6.5m wide.
  • Can use as little as 200mm headroom. For the best results at the lowest cost, we recommend using standard headroom equipment, which requires between 270mm and 400mm from top of opening to ceiling.
  • Every model B&D Panelift door can be matched perfectly to one of several B&D Controll-A-Door openers in the range.
  • Premium model B&D Panelift Icon includes as standard a wireless electric lock which pairs with any B&D opener in the range to provide added security against forced entry. Auto-lock is optional on other models in the range.

B&D Tilt-A-Dor

B&D Tilt-A-Dors are rigid one-piece extension (stretching) spring balanced doors that swing out and up as they open. B&D manufacturers the spring balanced door hinges that do the heavy lifting, while we manufacturer the door panel at Braeside to suit the application in the design that suits the customer. Very much a custom made door.

B&D Tilt-A-Dor features

  • Available in the greatest variety of styles due to its one-piece construction. Claddings include traditional period styles from the early 1900's, through to ultra modern powder-coated aluminium, or clean flat plywood.
  • Standard or metallic Colorbond roof and wall cladding can be used, as can warm rich genuine Western Red Cedar timber.
  • Offers the ability to work with relatively little headroom; as little as 100mm.
  • Consist of galvanized square steel tubing, welded together in our factory in Braeside. Each frame is unique and designed in-house to resist wind-loads and sagging.
  • Made strong and lightweight, reducing costs and extending the life of the door.
  • Over 20 different tilt door sample configurations available for viewing in our showrooms.
  • Can be installed in the traditional position at the back of the brick piers, or set forward (“flush faced”) and matched to the external cladding of the garage, which is a current architectural design trend.
  • Work brilliantly with the more powerful openers in the B&D Controll-A-Door range.
  • Two styles of spring balanced hinges are available

“Jamb” model hinges

  • Less expensive, lighter duty.
  • Suit doors up to 2240mm high and no more than 90kg in weight.
  • Allows half the door to protrude when open, creating a veranda effect.

“Track” model hinges

  • Safer, stronger, and more durable than Jamb hinges. Also work better with auto-openers than Jamb hinges.
  • Suit doors up to 2740mm high and 175kg in weight. We generally recommend heights not exceeding 2400mm.
  • Majority of the door panel retracts into the garage when open.

B&D Flex-A-Door

A unique door type that combines the corrugated curtain of the iconic B&D Roll-A-Door with the opening style of the sectional door, lying flat under the ceiling when open, and using as little as 100mm headroom.

B&D Flex-A-Door features

  • Balanced with two extension springs concealed within the overhead door guides.
  • Available to suit openings up 2.7m high x 3.1m wide.
  • Ideal solution for garages with very low ceilings and restricted parking space in front.
  • Great for garages and carports needing maximum clearance for a boat or caravan.
  • Over 20 Colorbond colours to choose from.
  • Ideal when paired with one of several B&D Controll-A-Door opener models in the range.

Which Door for Me?

As you can see there’s quite a range. It can be helpful to use B&D’s online visualizer to see what a particular door might look like on your home. You need to upload a photo of your home featuring the garage door opening. Using the online tools, you can design your own door from the design and colour options available, and see what it will look like on your home. It’s easier to use than it might first appear.
Click here to go to the B&D Design Centre Online Visualizer. Or drop in to one of our showrooms with a pic of your home on your phone and we’ll do the rest.
With a range a large as B&D’s, we suggest you use our knowledge and experience to find the perfect door for your home and your needs.
We’ll guide you to ensure you get exactly what you need. So why not Contact us today?

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