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Carport garage doors Melbourne

Give Your Property a New Look, With Carport Garage Doors

Is it time to give your carport a makeover, time to give your property a little facelift perhaps? What once was a simple carport, can make new your home look like a brand new place, if replaced with a garage.

The new generation of Carport Garage Doors in Melbourne are available with a variety of finish and operational modes to suit the existing exterior and space that you have available.

Why get a carport garage door?

  • The requirement for security measures in and around our homes has changed drastically over the years. Carports built in the 70’s, don’t provide the security that a functional garage door can.
  • Homes have a more eye catching appeal from the street, when there is an enclosed spaced in the form of a garage with colours and finish that compliment your home.
  • Your property will increase in value when you have a fully functional garage with the convenience of a modern carport garage doors.
  • With the weather changing from one extreme to the other, having a fully covered space with Carport Garage Doors in Melbourne, gives you better protection for your vehicles.

Your choice of carport garage doors

The Panel Lift Garage Door and the Roller Garage Door are the two prominent choices for your carport garage door.

The Panel Lift Garage Door is also known as the Sectional Garage Doors. These doors have horizontal panels that are hinged with one another and extrude back vertically and horizontally over the roller tracks that are fixed against the ceiling. They remain completely out of sight when open.

The Roller Door as Carport Garage Doors in Melbourne, are the most popular choice as they can be easily installed in a freestanding structure. You can maximize the use of space available, by supporting the door on steel posts. These steel posts are secured in to the ground with concrete or attached to the existing structure if it has the provisions to do so.

Specifics of Carport Garage Doors:

  • Durable steel carport garage doors are ideal for both the city and suburban areas.
  • The doors are supported with pieces of high quality hardware.
  • The steel comes in a range of colours and finish for you to match with your existing property facade and exteriors.

At Garage Door & Gate Solutions, the selection of B&D Garage Doors will provide you with the perfect solution for your Carport Garage Doors in Melbourne. We offer total package deals for the buying and installation of garage doors, to give you the most cost effective, practical and best solution to suit your needs and requirements.

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