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All products sold and installed by Garage Door & Gate Solutions Pty Ltd include a warranty.

The warranty is split into two distinct parts.

Garage doors, garage door openers, gate openers and components not manufactured by us carry the manufacturer's warranty as expressed by the manufacturer. This warranty is usually summarized on literature printed by the manufacturer and submitted with our Customer Proposals. More detailed versions of the product warranty can be supplied upon request, and are often included with the Owners Manual supplied with the product. Rest assured that no product warranty can diminish your statutory rights under Consumer Law.

The second part of the warranty offered covers our installation labour. This warranty is detailed below. Installation labour warranty differs from product warranty in that it covers all on-site labour performed during an installation by Garage Door & Gate Solutions Pty Ltd.

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Making a Warranty Claim

If you think there is a problem with a garage door or opener we have supplied and installed for you, we need your feedback to pass on to the manufacturer of the product and ensure the fault is not repeated, to change our installation practices if necessary, and most importantly to fix the problem and ensure it's safety and reliability for you.

Making a claim under warranty is simple. Before you contact us we ask that you do the following…

  1. Define the problem so that it can be clearly articulated when you contact us.
  2. Check that you are using the product correctly, according to instructions provided by the manufacturer and occasionally by us, as misuse or abuse is not covered under any warranty.
  3. Confirm that you have maintained the product correctly. All garage doors and openers require maintenance. Some maintenance is easily done by the homeowner, such as lubricating a noisy hinge, changing a flat battery or a light globe. Maintenance is not covered by warranty. Garage Door & Gate Solutions offers a Maintenance Service at a reasonable cost, and we recommend that all garage doors and openers be professionally serviced every 12-18 months.
  4. Locate proof of purchase, such as the invoice supplied with the door or opener. This confirms that we actually supplied the goods, and when the job was done.
  5. Time is the essence of all warranties. So if you are expecting a fault to be rectified at no cost to yourself, you must be sure that you are making a claim within the period of time stated in the terms of the warranty. Check the documents provided at the time to confirm this.

Contact us by email, fax or phone. We maintain records of your job on an extensive database, so we can look up most jobs quickly. Even if your job was done originally for a builder or another person whose name you don't have, our more recent records allow us to look up any job done by us, by the job address.


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