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Repairs and Maintenance

Following your investment in and the skillful installation of a well-chosen, good quality garage door or gate opener, on-going maintenance is essential to keep everything working well.

You'll enjoy greater longevity, reliability, and safety out of your equipment if you follow recommended service procedures at recommended service intervals.

All garage doors and automatic door and gate openers should be inspected by the user or homeowner on a regular basis. If you think your garage door or automatic gate is not working normally, contact us for advice. We may suggest that a Service Technician attends on site to repair the fault. The better the equipment is maintained, the less likely a fault will occur.

Realizing that most customers don't have the desire, ability, tools or time to carry out maintenance on their garage door or automatic gate themselves, we offer a Maintenance Service to take the worry out of looking after this equipment. During a Maintenance Service we carry out the work outlined below.

At Garage Door & Gate Solutions we also take care of garage doors and automatic gates, that weren't necessarily supplied and installed by us in the first instance. We are able to carry out maintenance and repairs on most popular brands. Among our regular customers are Builders, Property Agents, Maintenance Contractors and Insurance Companies, so the range of applications and problems is varied. We welcome them all.

B&D Accredited Dealer

Our Repair and Maintenance Standards

Our skilled Service Technicians provide a total maintenance service on residential manual and automatic garage doors and automatic gates.

  1. On arrival, we make a general assessment of the job. This allows us to prioritize the necessary work, and confirm that it is safe to work on. Apart from repairing any obvious faults, we also carry out the following routine work.
  2. Check that all bolts are tight.
  3. Check and retention springs if necessary.
  4. Clean door guides.
  5. Lubricate all moving parts.
  6. Check and adjust safety reverse system on automatic openers.
  7. Check and adjust open and close limits on automatic openers.
  8. Test operation.
  9. Report further work where necessary.
  10. Prepare an itemized invoice for the work done.

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