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garage door opener installation
Geoff installing an ATA Roller Door Opener

We describe installation as "what we do on site". By that definition installation begins with the process of inspecting and measuring your job, before actually fitting the garage door or auto opener. By doing that part of the installation properly, we ensure that everything that follows will fit correctly.

The more tangible part of the installation, on the day of delivery, is the time that you'll actually see your new door or opener. We hope that at this time we'll be able to justify your investment to you, by delivering and expertly fitting the products we supply, that will make your life a little easier.

On the Day of Installation

On delivery, the installation consists of five important parts.

  1. We follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully. After all, if a company like B&D has spend almost 50 years and millions of dollars developing the products we install, we owe them the respect of finishing the job the way they say it ought to be done.
  2. We add to that what we know, what we've learned in almost 30 years, to enhance and complete the products we're fitting. Generic Installation Manuals can't cover every circumstance, or the extras often needed to prepare the site for the door or opener, so our Installer is expected to improvise to properly assemble the job. Your job is unique. Our installers have the flexibility and experience to keep the job in harmony with what was planned with you by our Sales Consultant in the beginning.
  3. We remove all rubbish from site, including the old door if there is one (this will be stated on the Customer Proposal).
  4. The final part of the on-site installation is the hand-over. Here, we show you over your new garage door or auto opener. We demonstrate it's safe and proper use, and perhaps give you a few maintenance tips. Lastly, we pass on any manuals that came with the product, keys, remote controls, etc.
  5. The details of when and who installed your door and/or auto opener are recorded in a sophisticated database after the job is done. We do this for a few reasons. If you have any questions at all about the job, when you call we can instantly recall all your details with a few keystrokes, even years later. If there are any warranty issues, we can take action quickly to rectify any problems.


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