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All Types of Garage Doors Melbourne and Mornington

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Timber Garage Doors, Panel Lift Garage Doors, Roller Doors, Flush Garage Doors & Carport Garage Doors Melbourne, Mornington

Garage Door & Gate Solutions Pty Ltd offers an extensive range of panel lift & timber garage doors in Melbourne and Mornington that provides safe access into or through a garage, carport, shed or fence line for people and particularly cars. It also provides security against weather and intruders for property, valuables and keep your loved ones safe behind the door.

Create a stylish look to your home with Timber Garage Doors

Garage doors when made of timber give an outstanding look, when installed. These timber doors offer a wide range of variations. These doors are not that weighty also at the same time, if you are worried about the weight. According to your preferences and what best suits your home, you can choose that kind of timber door matching with the design of your home. It would give you an aesthetic appeal and look sophisticated. So augment the look of your garage with timber garage doors Melbourne.

Roller Doors Melbourne: Easy to Use Doors for Your Garage

Roller doors get fit into your garage very easily, no matter whatever be your garage design, no matter how small or big it is. Roller Doors Melbourne are also durable and provide a long lasting finish without any deterioration. These doors can be installed very fast and its usability is also not that difficult. Its locking system is also quite simple. So if you are looking for easy fit doors for your garage, choose our quality door solution and improve the look of your garage.

Hence make your garage look trendy and appealing with our new and improved version of garage doors like roller doors Melbourne. We have a variety of roller doors available in various colors and different designs. These doors are trendy and are quite easy to open and close. So make your property look good and in style with your home decor with the help of our modish doors & gates that would increase the worth of your garage. Thus once you install these doors, you can stay tension free and relaxed from security point of view as well as also increase the splendor of your property at the same time.

Why to Choose Flush Garage Doors in Melbourne?

Garage is an important part of your property. So to make it look appreciation, choosing flush garage doors Melbourne can be your ideal choice. This is because these are smoothly running doors without any hassle. These are available in various designs and forms. Hence if you are looking for best quality garage doors at cost-effective price, choose our products and experience the difference.

Why & How Selecting Garage Doors in Melbourne can Increase the Value of Your Home?

Now-a-days, installing modern doors in your garage helps to increase the value of your homes due to its designed and trendy looks, great appeal, increased longevity & less maintenance. So if you wish to improve the appearance of your house, install panel lift garage doors in Melbourne and avail its benefits. Today there are many options available in the market, and these enduring doors make it easy for homeowners to customize the look and feel of their new garage. Hence, if you install garage doors in Mornington, you can increase the dignity of your home, and at the same time will require a much less maintenance costing and timing.

A Carefully chosen, well-made and installed Flush & Carport garage doors in Melbourne and Mornington enhances the appearance of the property, adding value far in excess of the door cost, lasting many years and often decades when properly maintained.

All our modern doors designed for garage open vertically. There are four main types of sectional doors, tilt doors and overhead opening garage doors in Melbourne, Mornington.

So to secure your home properly, you must install panel lift garage doors in Melbourne and give proper security. With this, you can stay relaxed and be tension free. Not only this, by installing these doors, you can also improve the look of your home at the same time.

Today, the majority of home owners who drive through their doorway open their door by pressing a (remote control) radio transmitter, from the comfort and security of their car. However, the automatic garage door is an appliance that is added to the door, and therefore all Carport garage doors in Melbourne, Mornington can be operated manually or electrically, by adding or deleting that option.

Benefits of Installing Garage Doors in Your Home

* When you think of adorning your garage, then the first thing that comes to your mind is Ė what kind of doors should be chosen for your garage, that would match up with your home decor. Hence make your property an excellent one with our sound quality and designed garage doors in Melbourne. Some of its plus points are:

* Elevate the look of your property: Our highly durable doors are so beautifully designed that if you install these doors in your garage then it would intensify the appearance of your property.

* Uplifting the worth of your home: Often simple garage doors donít add any value to your home. But if you go for our roller doors in Melbourne, it will give your home decor an added value.

* Lessing up the time for garage maintenance: In garage, we had to spent a lot of time in its maintenance, sometimes, painting, or staining, etc. whereas if you choose our Garage Doors Melbourne, maintaining your garage would reduce much of your time and you get to spend less hours there.

Gateway to secured entry: Garage is one of the easiest and safest way to get access into your home, if it is not separated from your home. So people will tend to use this garage most often rather than your entry door. Hence opt for our doors & gates and add an extra security to your home.

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Flex-A-Door looks like a roller door. Needs only 140mm headroom, less than most other doors
Inside view of the Flex-A-Door with opener. Works like a door, opening flat under garage ceiling
Matching headpanel (when required) retracts with door to allow full clearance to lintel when fully opened

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Garage Door & Gate Solutions Online


Following is a general guide to the clearances required for most popular types of residential garage doors in Melbourne and Mornington. Where the circumstances are critical, check with our sales staff. There may be a way around a difficult problem.

Garage Door Clearance Guide

Garage Door Clearance Guide (for Builders and Homeowners)
Door Type
Minimum Head Room
Minimum Side Room
Minimum Back Room
Hang Down From Lintel When Open
Jamb Tilt Door Manual Automatic

Up to 3m wide -100mm

Over 3m wide -150mm

Track Tilt Door Manual Automatic
up to 2255x6530
250 125 Door Height + 300

Over 3545mm wide -80mm

Up to 3545mm wide -Nil

up to 2830x5215
up to 3395x4635
Automatic 260 125
Door Height + 1000

over 2255x6530

Manual 300 125
Door Height + 300
over 2830x5215
over 3395x4635
Automatic 310 125
Door Height + 1000
CSI/Firmadoor Sect Std
360 125 Door Height + 300 nil
Headroom Automatic 125
Door Height + 1000
CSI/Firmadoor Sect Low Manual 200 150
Door Height + 500
Headroom Automatic 250 150
Door Height + 1000
Roller Door up to

370 *

100 480 80 *
3090 wide
Roller Door up to
430 * 150 550 80 *
4990 wide
Roller Door up to
550 * 150 670 80 *
5390 wide
2130 high 2790 high
Flex-A-Door without retractable head infill Manual 180 100 2950 3610 nil
Automatic 230 100 3650 4310
2130 high 2790 high
Flex-A-Door with retractable head infill Manual 90 100 2950 3610 nil
Automatic 140 100 3650 4310

* Add "Headroom" and "Hang Down From Lintel When Open" dimensions together to calculate total loss from ceiling.

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